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[MSG:] Yea. You knew how to use it, too. Need some information. It’s the turians here on menae. Their shotguns are crap. Trying to figure out how to refit claymores so they can use them instead.

[MSG:] Ooh..

Where to begin.

Well, after some brief research of Claymores, I think it’s financially inadvisable, dangerous and worth more effort than the damage they output. You’re speaking of the M-300 Claymore, the human-manufactured shotgun with impossibly strong recoil. Rather than refit Claymores, as they’d be expensive to obtain and even more expensive to refit, you may consider some alternatives. You could sell the Claymores, and use the money to buy double the amount of weapons for a lower price. Save a few for yourself, and those physically capable of wielding the weapons.

My recommendation, at a glance? M-22 Eviscerator. I’ve used it, and I know you have. They provide similar levels of damage with more accuracy, at a longer range which assures more damage in the long run with a cheaper cost. Another human-manufactured and in high supply with the stock taken from Cerberus after the war. If you speak to Shepard, I’m sure she can see to a deal being struck. From there, you could see to fitting the gun with a larger clip, as to avoid the annoying reload times. That would be a more cost-efficient and wise choice.

But that’s only my opinion. ;) Feel free to question further, or pursue alternate sources. I may have overlooked options, or simplified it to a clinical degree. Simplified,  M-22 Eviscerator.

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